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If my vehicle was damaged in an accident that was not my fault, how can I recover my deductible?

If the negligent individual carried liability coverage, you can recover your deductible from the negligent driver's insurer.

My vehicle was stolen along with some personal items which were in the vehicle at the time. Does my auto policy provide any coverage for the personal items?

Most policies do not provide coverage for personal items left in a vehicle.

What should I do if I have an accident?

You should discuss with your insurer or insurance agent or producer what steps they recommend. Further, you may wish to refer to your insurance identification card, as the steps you need to follow may be listed on the card. Generally you should first notify the police. Then write down the names, addresses, telephone numbers and license numbers of persons involved and of witnesses. Also write down the license plate number and state of each vehicle involved. Do not admit fault, and do not discuss the accident with anyone except your insurer representative or insurance agent or producer, or the police. Notify your insurance agent or producer promptly. Cooperate and answer all questions fully. Take notes whenever you talk with insurer employees, your insurance agent or producer, lawyers, police or others about the accident. Write down the date, times, names and subjects you talked about and include all decisions or promises made. Save your receipts for such items as car rental or a hotel room if the accident happens out of town, and save copies of all documents you send or receive.

What should I be aware of when getting my vehicle repaired after an accident?

Your insurer may not require you to travel unreasonably to inspect a replacement auto, to obtain a repair estimate or to have the vehicle repaired at a specific repair shop. If you choose to have the repairs done at a facility which charges more than several other independent shops, any amount in excess of the settlement provided by the insurer will be your responsibility.

I recently totaled my vehicle in an accident. In addition to the collision coverage afforded under my own policy, what additional settlement options apply?

On first party total loss situations, the insurer may elect to offer either a replacement vehicle, which is a specific comparable vehicle available to you, or a cash settlement to purchase a comparable vehicle. The settlement offer must include all applicable taxes, license fees and other fees which apply to transfer of evidence of ownership of the vehicle, at no cost other than any deductible provided in the policy.