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Automobile Insurance Rates Are Market Driven

Arizona Revised Statutes ("ARS") § 20-383 prescribes standards that apply to automobile/motorcycle insurance rates.  Insurance rates are generally presumed not excessive when a reasonable level of competition exists for the type of insurance.  Many insurance companies offer automobile insurance coverage; therefore, the law prevents the Department from disapproving automobile insurance rates on the basis that they are excessive. You can use the "SERFF Filing Access" system to look into insurance company rate filings that the Arizona Department of Insurance has reviewed.

Reasons Your Premiums Might Increase

Insurance premiums that an insurance company charges you can change due to a variety of legitimate factors, including but not limited to the following: 

  • ​The driving history of individuals covered under an insurance policy, which may include members of your household even if they are not specifically named on your policy;
  • The history of claims filed against your insurance policy;
  • The specific vehicles covered under your insurance policy;
  • The location of the place where the vehicles are principally garaged (usually the location of your residence);
  • The numberr of miles that covered vehicles are driven, or the distance from your residence to your workplace.

Your Next Steps

The following are steps you can take

  • Ask your insurance company to tell you why they increased the amount they are charging you. 
    • If an insurance company's explanation for why it increased your premiums is incorrect, work with them to correct your record with them. 
    • If the insurance company refuses to correct errors they have about you or your vehicles, file a complaint with us and make sure to include with your complaint your correspondence with the insurance.   
  • Shop around for insurance, and ask about the types of discounts the insurance companies offer.  Most insurers provide discounts for at least some of the following: accident free drivers discount; a package discount for insuring your home and auto with the same insurer; multiple auto discount; good student discount; nonsmokers discount; and passive restraint discount (for vehicles with air bags or automatic seat belts). The Arizona Department of Insurance has on its "Help with Automobile Insurance" web page a "Premium Comparison" publication that shows premiums charged by different insurers based on hypothetical driver profiles.  
  • Consider higher deductibles for your collision and comprehensive coverages, which cover repair of your vehicle if you are involved in a crash (collision) or other incident (comprehensive) that results in damage to your vehicle.