Help With a Problem

If you are a health care provider with a complaint about an insurance company, use the Provider Grievance Information Resource to learn about when and how we can help. For matters that are outside our jurisdiction, we offer ideas on who can help.

If you are a citizen or business with an Arizona insurance policy and you believe an insurance company or insurance professional violated Arizona law, file a Consumer Complaint with us.

If your insurance company refused to pay for a health care benefit covered under your health insurance policy, your insurer is required to offer a Health Care Appeals Process

We also have information available to help with Disaster Preparedness/Recovery, and for resources available to you if you have an insurance policy with an Out-of-Business Insurer.

Form C-TPC: Third-party Consent

Use this form if you want to designate a person to file a complaint with the Department of Insurance on your behalf.

A Consumer Guide to the Arizona Department of Insurance

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