Exclusions from the Health Care Appeals Process


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Starting July 1, 2020, we became the
Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions (DIFI).

Those with coverage through a Medicare HMO, Medicare supplement plan, long-term care coverage, a multi-employer plan under ERISA, a federal employee plan, or any self-funded or self-insured plan are not eligible to participate in the appeals process described in this brochure. Workers’ Compensation claims and disputes are also not eligible for this appeals process. These other plans normally do have an appeals process of some kind that you may use, but the appeals process in those other plans will probably be somewhat different from what is described in this brochure. Issues concerning how you were treated by a provider, benefit reductions due to usual and customary charge limitations, deductibles, and coordination of benefits issues are also not eligible for health care appeals. If you merely have questions regarding your plan, you should call the member services department of your insurer. 

You can obtain "Appeal Rights for Medicare HMO Beneficiaries" from https://www.medicare.gov/Pubs/pdf/11534-Medicare-Rights-and-Protections.pdf.