You cannot conduct insurance business under any name other than your genuine, legal name unless you file the name with the Arizona Department of Insurance and the name is acceptable.  

To use a name other than your legal name (called an "assumed name" or "DBA name"), complete and submit Form L-193 (Certificate of Assumed Business Name). Send completed forms by mail or by fax. Protect your assumed name by also registering it as a trade name with the Arizona Secretary of State ( If you do not register a trade name, another person may register the name, which will force you to stop using the name.

Form L-193: Certificate of Assumed Name

Use this form for each name, other than your genuine legal name, that you intend to use in conjunction with your insurance business.  If you have established a business entity and want to use the name of the business entity in conjunction with your insurance transactions, the business entity must also hold an insurance license.