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Jan 28, 1999

The Arizona Department of Insurance opened 816 criminal cases of suspected fraud committed against insurance companies in 1998.

Jan 8, 1999

In the first six months of a new consumer-oriented program at the Arizona Department of Insurance, 61 individuals appealed adverse decisions by their health care insurers.

Jan 6, 1999

Consumers looking for a good deal on homeowners insurance can obtain valuable information from the latest edition of the premium-comparison survey issued today by Charles R. Cohen, Director of the Arizona Department of Insurance.

Dec 16, 1998

Charles R. Cohen, Director of Insurance, announced today the availability of the Arizona Insurance Department’s most current “Automobile Premium Comparison Survey.” The survey is published biannually to encourage consumers to compare prices when purchasing personal automobile insurance. Cohen cautioned that “although price is always an important consideration, consumers should also consider an insurer’s reputation for claims handling and policyholder service, and the specific insurance coverages available.”

Nov 16, 1998

Chuck Cohen, Director of the Arizona Department of Insurance announced today the entry of an order that assesses an $80,000 civil penalty against New York Life Insurance Company for violations of Arizona’s laws governing the marketing of life insurance and long term care insurance.

Oct 9, 1998

Acting Director Charles R. Cohen announced today that the Arizona Department of Insurance recently published the Mobile Homeowner Premium Comparison Survey and the Complaint Ratio for personal lines insurers. The Mobile Homeowner Premium Comparison Survey lists 19 insurers writing approximately 85 percent of the mobile home insurance business in Arizona. The Personal Lines Complaint Ratio compares insurers with 4,500 or more Arizona policies in force. The publication lists 104 insurers writing approximately 95 percent of all private passenger, homeowners and dwelling fire insurance in Arizona.

Oct 2, 1998

Arizona has a new weapon for fighting insurance fraud! A.R.S. § 13-2924, which was effective August 21, 1998, makes the practice of “capping” a class 1 misdemeanor. Capping is a form of insurance fraud that is estimated to cost Arizona insurers millions of dollars every year. Capping and other forms of automobile insurance fraud raise the price of auto insurance premiums by $200 a year for an average policy holder.

Sep 28, 1998

Charles R. Cohen, Acting Director of the Arizona Department of Insurance, announced today that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (“the NAIC”) renewed the Department’s accreditation at the recent NAIC quarterly meeting in New York City. Accreditation means that the Department meets national standards for regulation of the financial condition of insurance companies.

Aug 14, 1998

Effective October 1, 1998, each of the insurance licensing examination content outlines will be modified, according to the Arizona Department of Insurance. In May 1998, the Department worked with the Insurance Testing Corporation (ITC), the state’s contractor for test administration, the Kelley Insurance Center at Drake University, and experts from the Arizona insurance industry to ensure examinations cover current topics and new changes in state law. Additional changes are being made to improve the organization, clarity and focus of portions of the exams.

Jun 29, 1998

John A. Greene, Director of the Arizona Department Of Insurance, announced today the availability of new rights for Arizona consumers who disagree with their health care insurer’s decisions regarding coverage issues, including whether a procedure is medically necessary.


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