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Arizona Department of Insurance
100 North 15th Avenue, Suite 261

Phoenix, AZ  85007-2630

Starting July 1, 2020, we became the
Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions (DIFI).

Jul 7, 2016

The Department of Insurance mailed most insurer annual assessments on Friday, July 1...

Jul 5, 2016

Director Hess has issued Regulatory Bulletin 2016-02, which summarizes the major, newly enacted legislation affecting the Department, its licensees and insurance consumers.

Mar 25, 2016

Phoenix - The Arizona Department of Insurance (ADOI) announced that insurers in the individual and small group major medical health insurance markets can choose to renew transitional policies through December 31, 2017. Transitional plans are non-ACA compliant policies that have been continuously in effect since by or before December 31, 2013...

Feb 9, 2016

PHOENIX- Governor Doug Ducey has appointed Leslie Hess as the Interim Director of the Arizona Department of Insurance...

Dec 16, 2015

PHOENIX – Governor Doug Ducey today announced the appointment of Andy Tobin as interim superintendent of the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions, replacing outgoing Superintendent Lauren Kingry, who recently resigned....

Nov 4, 2015

The purpose of this Bulletin is to advise all surety insurers that engage bail bond agents to post appearance (bail) bonds in Arizona courts of a change of procedure within the Department.  As of the date of this Bulletin, the Department will now refer indemnitors with unreleased liens on vehicles and real property directly to the surety insurer that issued a bail bond that the court has exonerated if it cannot communicate with the bail bond agent or the bail bond agent fails to cooperate in releasing the lien.

Oct 30, 2015

Two Arizona health insurance companies have been placed under supervision by the Arizona Director of Insurance, Andy Tobin.  Director Tobin filed an Order for Supervision on October 30, 2015, to place Meritus Health Partners and Meritus Mutual Health Partners into supervision....

Oct 28, 2015

On October 23, 2015, the Arizona Department of Insurance (“Department”) published a Notice of Final Exempt Rulemaking in the Arizona Register, (21 A.A.R. 2448, October 23, 2015). The rulemaking conforms Article 16 – Credit for Reinsurance, AAC R20-6-1601 through R20-6-6012 and Exhibits A through D, to recent updates to A.R.S. §§ 20-261.03, 20-261.05 through 20-261.08 (Credit for Reinsurance)....

Oct 19, 2015

On October 16, 2015, the Arizona Department of Insurance published a Notice of Rulemaking in the Arizona Register, (21 A.A.R. 2401, October 16, 2015).  The rulemaking proposes to amend Article 11 – Medicare Supplement Insurance, AAC R20-6-1101, to update the incorporation by reference of the NAIC Model Regulation to Implement the NAIC Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards Model Act, which includes the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (Model Regulation). 

Oct 16, 2015

H.R. 1624, better known as the PACE Act, was signed into law on October 7, 2015.  The PACE Act amends the provision of the Affordable Care Act (42 USC 18024) that defines small and large group employers.  Further, the PACE Act permits individual states to define "small employer" as " employer who employed an average of at least 1 but not more than 100 employees on business days during the preceding calendar year and who employs at least 1 employee on the first day of the plan year."


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