Press Release 1998-04 Changes In Examination Content Outlines


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Effective October 1, 1998, each of the insurance licensing examination content outlines will be modified, according to the Arizona Department of Insurance. In May 1998, the Department worked with the Insurance Testing Corporation (ITC), the state’s contractor for test administration, the Kelley Insurance Center at Drake University, and experts from the Arizona insurance industry to ensure examinations cover current topics and new changes in state law. Additional changes are being made to improve the organization, clarity and focus of portions of the exams.

Key outline changes were made in the Series 13-31, Life Insurance Exam [Section 7.4- Taxation of individual retirement annuities (IRA’S)], expanded to include Roth IRA topics, and the Series 13-34, Property and Casualty Insurance Exam [Section 8.5-Selected endorsements], expanded to include ‘97 Businessowners Policy (BOP) endorsements.

A new Licensing Information Bulletin reflecting these and other changes for Arizona candidates will be available in August for exams on or after October 1, 1998. Any license candidate planning to take a test October 1, 1998, or later should have a copy of the new Bulletin. It contains updated test content outlines, forms, and information on how to register for and schedule tests. Customized outlines and sections of the Bulletin are also available through ITC’s Website at

When ordering Bulletins, please specify whether you want the current October 1, 1997, edition or the new edition pertaining to exams to be administered from and after October 1, 1998. Requests should include the complete street address for shipping purposes, as well as the number of Bulletins required for an initial three-month supply. Telephone requests may be made by calling ITC at 1-800-853-5448, or mail your requests to: Insurance Testing Corporation, ATTN: Bulletin Distribution, 1360 Energy Park Drive, Second Floor, St. Paul, MN 55108- 5252.

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