Press Release 2013-02 Auto Body Shop Owner Charged in Staged Accidents and Identity Theft Cases


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For Immediate Release September 24, 2013

PHOENIX - On September 16, 2013, the Arizona State Grand Jury charged Hugo Alejandro Mejia-Regalado with several felonies involving Fraud Schemes, Insurance Fraud, Forgeries, Theft and Aggravated Identity Theft. The case involved separate investigations conducted by State Farm Insurance and the Arizona Department of Insurance Investigations Division.

Agents with the Arizona Department of Insurance, assisted by the Phoenix Police Department and agents with the National Insurance Crime Bureau, executed search warrants on X Auto Body Shop at 1540 West Broadway Rd Phoenix, AZ, and Hugo Alejandro Mejia-Regalado’s residence in northwest Phoenix. The investigation involved Insurance Auto Policies being taken out on different vehicles in fraudulent names with the use of fake Mexico driver’s licenses. Within a couple weeks of the policies being taken out the vehicles were involved in hit and run accidents which are believed to be staged.

The allegations are that Hugo Alejandro Mejia-Regalado had taken out at least three policies using Mexico driver’s licenses under false names. These false names were also used to obtain Arizona motor vehicle titles just prior to the policies being taken out. Numerous other claims are still under investigation. Hugo Alejandro Mejia-Regalado was booked into the Maricopa County Jail where he is being held on these charges plus a

Federal Immigration hold. The case is being prosecuted by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

Consumers who suspect insurance fraud are encouraged to call the Fraud Unit of the Arizona Department of Insurance at (602) 364-2140.

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Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Model Regulation In 2019, the Arizona Legislature adopted the NAIC Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Model Act at Arizona Revised Statutes (“ARS”) by enacting the Corporate Governance Act at Title 20, Chapter 2, Article 16 (Laws 2019, 1st Reg. Sess., Ch. 180, § 1).   The Department of Insurance (“Department”) seeks to adopt the correlate Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Model Regulation.  ARS § 20-492.02 allows the Department to adopt rules to carry out the Act upon notice and an opportunity to be heard.  The Legislature has exempted the Department from Title 41, Chapter 6 for one year after the effective date of the Act.  (Laws 2019, 1st Reg. Sess., Ch. 180, § 2.)
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