Help with a Problem

If you are a health care provider with a complaint about an insurance company...

Use the Provider Grievance Information Resource to learn about when and how we can help. Arizona law may not provide us jurisdiction to address an issue you face.  We worked hard to include in the Provider Grievance Information Resource steps that you can take when we do not have authority to intervene.

For matters that are within our jurisdiction based on the Provider Grievance Information Resource: 

  • Complete and submit our "Consumer Complaint" form. 
  • Where the form asks "What is your relationship to the insured?" select "Healthcare Provider." 

Coming Soon...

Information about Arizona's surprise out-of-network (balance) billing dispute resolution process (SOONBDR)...

We will soon be making information available from this web page about Arizona Revised Statutes §§ 20-3111 through 20-3118 (Title 20, Ch. 20, Art. 2), which will become effective January 1, 2019.  We look forward to receiving your feedback on that information so we can create a process that is "simple, fair, efficient and cost-effective," as required by the law.