Recent Improvements to Insurance Professional Licensing


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Starting July 1, 2020, we will be the
Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions (DIFI).

Datedescription of improvementBenefit of improvement
August 2016Provided detailed, easy-to-understand insurance continuing education information that asks a licensee a series of questions, and based on responses, provides a customized response.Allows insurance producers to serve themselves to easy-to-understand information available 24/7/365, and reduced calls to the Insurance Licensing Section, allowing staff to concentrate on promptly reviewing license and renewal applications.
August 2016Improved instructions to Arizona resident applicants whose fingerprints were not legible.A substantially greater precentage of applicants promptly provided a replacement fingerprint card, avoiding the revocation of their licenses.
May 2016Posted updated forms and instructions for registering a life and health administrator (TPA).  Also posted the checklist the agency uses when evaluating applications.Application and instructions are clearer and provide messaging when an applicant needs to furnish additional information or does not appear to qualify for the license.  The improved agency checklist will facilitate more rapid application processing and having it available online will allow applicants to prescreen their own applications before submitting them to the agency, which in turn will improve the completeness and accuracy of submitted applications and allow faster licensing.
Apr 2016Posted updated forms to facilitate ongoing license compliance (L-152, L-177, L-193, L-195, L-BBAA, L-BBAR, L-BFP, L-BRA, L-CHG, L-CLR-, L-CRT, L-LOC and L-SURR).Clearer forms and instructions, reflecting comments from licensing customers, will make it faster and easier for licensees to complete forms without assistance, will improve the completeness and accuracy of submitted forms and will allow agency staff to spend more time on other licensing matters. 
Mar 2016Began notifying renewal applicants with applications in deficiency status for 60 or more days, and deeming applications withdrawn for applicants who did not respond or that no longer wanted the license.Fewer open applications need to be tracked, and renewal applications can be closed (approved/denied/withdrawn) more quickly on average.  Implementing this improvement resulted in a one-time increase to the lead time (for applications that had been open for over 60 days and up to a year that were closed during March 2016 after the Department did not receive responses to administrative deficiency notices).
Dec 2015Report license exam results to National Insurance Producer Registry to allow passing result to automatically clear exam requirement without staff intervention and to reject application unless required exam is passed. Allows applications that meet all other requirements to automatically process without staff intervention and with no delay.  Prevents applications from being accepted if applicant has not passed required pre-license exam, reducing the possibility that an applicant will pay the license fee but not be able to pass the exam.
Nov 2015Accept credit cards for in-person transactions.Allows individuals who apply in person to pay by credit card, which better meets the expectations of our customers. 
Jul 2015Include web site address for National Insurance Producer Registry on examination score reports.Encourages applicants to use to submit license applications, reducing staff time required to enter license application data.
May 2015Eliminate fax option.Encourages customer to use free, online system to change address, phone number and other information; reduces staff time required to update license records.
Apr 2015Change Licensing Database to allow staff to add/edit e-mail licensee addresses.Previously, only individuals applying for a license or renewal online could enter an e-mail address that would populate the Licensing Database.  The change allows staff to add/edit an e-mail address provided on a paper application form.
Apr 2015Improve lead time reporting.Provides faster, accurate queries to view detailed and summarized information concerning time required to process license applications; allows us to more quickly pinpoint and identify causes for longer processing times.
Mar 2015Reduce batching of applications requiring committee review.Provides faster decisions on license applications for which the director has grounds to deny.  Formerly, those applications could be held 30 or more days awaiting committee review.
Mar 2015Promote use of National Insurance Producer Registry on paper license applications.Encourages applicants to use to submit license applications, reducing staff time required to enter license application data.
Mar 2015Provide "quick links" on PRODUCERS web page to frequently needed information.
Reduces calls to the Licensing Section for assistance, allowing staff to focus on promptly reviewing applications.