Regulatory Bulletins

Regulatory Bulletins

ADOI issues regulatory bulletins (formerly known as "Circular Letters") to clarify regulatory requirements.

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Numbering in the TITLE column has been standardized to a YYYY-## (four-digit year, a dash, and two-digit number) format. For example, "Circular Letter 97-7" displays as "Circular Letter 1997-07."

Title Description Author Date Issuedsort ascending
Circular Letter 1995-01

Misquotes; Private Passenger Automobile Insurance

Chris Herstam 19950227
Circular Letter 1995-02

Abandonment of Automobile Salvage

Chris Herstam 19950227
Circular Letter 1994-06


Chris Herstam 19941007
Circular Letter 1994-02

Premium Credit for Subscription to Fire Protection Service

Chris Herstam 19940405
Circular Letter 1992-05

Joint State/Federal Statement on Regulation of MEWAs

Susan Gallinger 19920723
Circular Letter 1992-03

Use of United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Registration Numbers as Physician Identification Numbers

Susan Gallinger 19920417
Circular Letter 1992-01

Medicare Open Enrollment

Susan Gallinger 19920211
Circular Letter 1990-07A

"Moving" Auto Insurance Policyholders to New Companies

Susan Gallinger 19901025
Circular Letter 1990-05A

Arizona House Bill 2181 (Chapter 394)

Susan Gallinger 19900927
Circular Letter 1990-04A

AIDS/HIV Testing and Consent Form

Susan Gallinger 19900905
Circular Letter 1990-01A

Cancellation or Nonrenewal of Homeowners' Policies

Susan Gallinger 19900129
Circular Letter 1989-02

Unclaimed Property

Susan Gallinger 19891003
Circular Letter 1988-01

Testing of Officers and Employees of Title Insurance Agents

Susan Gallinger 19880720
Circular Letter 1987-06

Credit Insurance

Vern R. Pierson 19871214
Circular Letter 1985-02

Intentional Misquoting of Personal Lines Property and Casualty Rates

S. David Childers 19850624
Circular Letter 1981-03

Reasonableness of Benefits in Relation to Premium Charged

J. Michael Low 19810724
Circular Letter 1981-02

Department Investigation of Workers' Compensation Insurance Replacement

J. Michael Low 19810428