Arizona Department of Insurance
100 North 15th Avenue, Suite 261

Phoenix, AZ  85007-2630

Starting July 1, 2020, we will be the
Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions (DIFI).


Arizona state agencies are experiencing telephone system problems that may impact your ability to reach us.  If you can e-mail us instead (see our CONTACT US page), please do so.  We do not have an estimate time by which the problem will be resolved.  We are very sorry for any inconvenience this is causing.

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Press Release 1999-25 State Insurance Office in Tucson Issues Licenses 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press99-25.pdf31.73 KB
Press Release 1999-26 Insurance Department Places Premier Healthcare in Receivership 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press99-26.pdf32.67 KB
Press Release 1999-27 State Insurance Department Puts Premier Healthcare Information and Updates on the Internet 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press99-27.pdf30.72 KB
Press Release 1999-28 The Arizona Department of Insurance has produced three new publications to assist consumers with their questions about health care insurance. 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press99-28.pdf29.68 KB
Press Release 1999-29 Arizona Department Of Insurance Publishes Latest Comparison Of Automobile Insurance Premiums 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press99-29.pdf31.52 KB
Press Release 1999-30 State Insurance Director Urges Medical Providers of Premier Healthcare to Honor Contracts 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press99-30.pdf33.63 KB
Press Release 2000-01 Insurance Director Warns Premier Providers Not to Collect from Patients 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press00-01.pdf15.32 KB
Press Release 2000-02 State Insurance Department Publishes New Homeowner Premium Comparison Survey and Guide to Homeowner Insurance 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press00-02.pdf32.97 KB
Press Release 2000-03 State Insurance Consumer Services Unit Handles 105,072 Calls in 1999, Assists Policyholders in Settlements of $4.85 Million 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press00-03.pdf31.92 KB
Press Release 2000-04 State Insurance Department Web Site Gets ‘A’ Rating from National Consumers Group 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press00-04.pdf29.25 KB
Press Release 2000-05 Forensic Odontology Snares Snaggle-Toothed Insurance Bandit 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press00-05.pdf33.09 KB
Press Release 2000-07 State Insurance Department Publishes Auto Premium Comparison Survey, Revised Auto Consumer Guide 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press00-07.pdf30.24 KB
Press Release 2000-08 Arizona Insurance Fraud Awareness Day at D-Backs Game; McGruff the Crime Dog Takes a Strike at Fraud 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press00-08.pdf82.09 KB
Press Release 2000-09 State Insurance Department Publishes 1999 HMO Complaint Ratios 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-09.pdf44.52 KB
Press Release 2000-10 Director of State Insurance Department Advises Medicare + Choice Members to Understand Rights Before Making Changes 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-10.pdf34.19 KB
Press Release 2000-11 Arizona Insurance Department Fines Aetna U.S. Healthcare for Violations of Health Care Appeals Law 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-11.pdf85.2 KB
Press Release 2000-12 State Insurance Department Produces Consumer Brochures in Spanish 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-12.pdf32.56 KB
Press Release 2000-13 Premier Healthcare Representatives to Hold Public Meetings in Prescott Oct. 10 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-13.pdf29.51 KB
Press Release 2000-14 Premier Healthcare Representatives to Hold Public Meetings in Flagstaff Oct. 11 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-14.pdf28.92 KB
Press Release 2000-15 Premier Healthcare Representatives to Hold Public Meetings in Kingman Oct. 12 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-15.pdf29.48 KB
Press Release 2000-16 Premier Healthcare Representatives to Hold Public Meetings in Lake Havasu City Oct. 12 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-16.pdf29.52 KB
Press Release 2000-17 Premier Healthcare Representatives to Hold Public Meetings in Yuma Oct. 13 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-17.pdf29.58 KB
Press Release 2000-18 Premier Healthcare Representatives to Hold Public Meetings in Tucson Oct. 16 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-18.pdf29.49 KB
Press Release 2000-19 Premier Healthcare Representatives to Hold Public Meetings in Phoenix Oct. 17, Mesa Oct. 18 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-19.pdf29.73 KB
Press Release 2000-20 Three Plead No Contest in State Insurance Fraud Unit Investigation of Auto Glass Firm 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-20.pdf28.62 KB
Press Release 2000-21 State Insurance Department Publishes Auto Premium Comparison Survey in English and Spanish 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-21.pdf81.58 KB
Press Release 2000-22 Insurance Director Suspends U.S. Home Warranty Permit; Schedules Revocation Hearing 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-22.pdf81.66 KB
Press Release 2000-23 State Insurance Department Advises Medicare + Choice Members to Make Changes Now if They Are Losing Coverage 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-23.pdf129.78 KB
Press Release 2000-24 New Law Establishing Timely Pay Requirements and Grievance Provisions for Health Care Providers Takes Effect Jan. 1 07/06/2015 (Tue)
PDF icon press00-24.pdf96.85 KB
Press Release 2001-01 Insurance Director Issues Order Requiring Defunct U.S. Home Warranty to Reimburse Customers 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press01-01.pdf95.22 KB
Press Release 2001-02 State Insurance Department Publishes 2001 Homeowner Premium Comparison Survey 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press01-02.pdf79.59 KB
Press Release 2001-03 State Insurance Department Publishes Newly Designed Auto Premium Comparison Survey 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press01-03.pdf81.95 KB
Press Release 2001-04 State Insurance Department, Corporation Commission Crack Down on Insurance Agents Selling Unregistered Securities 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press01-04.pdf18.67 KB
Press Release 2001-05 Law Guarantees Right to Individual Health Insurance Coverage 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press01-05.pdf84.89 KB
Press Release 2001-06 Arizona Insurance Department Publishes 2000 Complaint Ratios 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press01-06.pdf16.24 KB
Press Release 2001-07 Arizona Insurance Director Suspends License of Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press01-07.pdf15.96 KB