Arizona Department of Insurance
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Starting July 1, 2020, we will be the
Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions (DIFI).


Arizona state agencies are experiencing telephone system problems that may impact your ability to reach us.  If you can e-mail us instead (see our CONTACT US page), please do so.  We do not have an estimate time by which the problem will be resolved.  We are very sorry for any inconvenience this is causing.

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Press Release 2004-03 Department of Insurance Publishes Updated Medigap Premium Comparison 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press04-03.pdf119.07 KB
Press Release 2004-04 Old West Annuity and Life Insurance Company Placed into Rehabilitation 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press04-04.pdf110 KB
Press Release 2004-05 The Wildfire Season Is Upon Us - Is Your Insurance Policy Ready? 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press04-05.pdf190.41 KB
Press Release 2004-06 Insurance Company Ex-Employee Sentenced in $278,900.00 Insurance Scam 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press04-06.pdf99.3 KB
Press Release 2004-07 Arizona Appoints Captive Insurance Administrator 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press04-07.pdf105.78 KB
Press Release 2004-08 Arizona Insurance Director Reviews Alleged Broker and Insurer Bid-Rigging Practices 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press04-08.pdf113.33 KB
Press Release 2004-09 Connecticut General Life Insurance Company Ordered To Comply With Health Insurance Laws 08/11/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press04-09.pdf107.36 KB
Press Release 2005-01 Thousands of Arizonans Eligible for Disability Income Claims Reassessment Multi-State Settlement with UnumProvident Insurance Group 11/08/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press05-01.pdf59.62 KB
Press Release 2005-02 Insurance Fraud Investigation Leads to Lake Bottom 12/08/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press05-02.pdf50.9 KB
Press Release 2005-03 Comparison Shopping for Medigap Insurance Made Easier 2005 Premium Comparison Now Available 12/08/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press05-03.pdf55.48 KB
Press Release 2005-04 Insurance Company Ex-Employee Sentenced in $142,000.00 Insurance Scam 01/08/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press05-04.pdf49.51 KB
Press Release 2005-05 Is Your Insurance Ready? September is Arizona Preparedness Month 01/08/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press05-05.pdf200.19 KB
Press Release 2005-06 Nearly 4,000 Arizonans to Receive Title Insurance Premium Refund Multi-State Settlement with Fidelity National Title Insurance Group 02/11/2016 (Thu)
PDF icon press05-06.pdf62.7 KB
Press Release 2005-07 The Arizona Department of Insurance and LandAmerica Title Companies Reach Regulatory Settlement Regarding Captive Reinsurance Arrangements $1 Million to Red Cross and $250,000 Education Fund 04/11/2016 (Thu)
PDF icon press05-07.pdf61.22 KB
Press Release 2005-08 Arizona Variable Annuity Investors to Receive $97,000 in Refunds Waddell & Reed, Inc. Enters Settlement to Resolve Charges of Inappropriate Variable Annuity Exchanges 01/08/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press05-08.pdf34.77 KB
Press Release 2005-09 Comparison Shopping Made Easier by New Health Insurance Report Card 01/08/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press05-09.pdf58.55 KB
Press Release 2005-10 CONSUMER ALERT Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage Information to Aid Decision Making 01/08/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press05-10.pdf38.99 KB
Press Release 2006-01 Auto Insurance Premium Comparison Illustrates Savings For Daily Bus Riders Ways to save money on auto insurance 02/08/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press06-01.pdf68.14 KB
Press Release 2006-02 The Wildfire Season Is Upon Us…Is Your Insurance Policy Ready? Insurers improve practices to enhance customers’ coverage. 02/08/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press06-02.pdf60.83 KB
Press Release 2006-03 Arizona Department of Insurance Orders United Healthcare to Correct Violations and Pay Fines 02/08/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press06-03.pdf54.95 KB
Press Release 2006-04 New Title Insurance Resources Available from the Arizona Department of Insurance 09/07/2015 (Fri)
PDF icon press06-04.pdf82.69 KB
Press Release 2006-05 New Website Helps Consumers “Get Smart” About Insurance Learn more about Life Insurance during Life Insurance Awareness Month 01/06/2015 (Mon)
PDF icon press06-05.pdf55.79 KB
Press Release 2007-01 Medicare Supplement Insurance Premium Comparison Now Available 02/08/2014 (Fri)
PDF icon press07-01.pdf95.6 KB
Press Release 2007-02 Auto Insurance Premium Comparison Illustrates Savings Regular bus riders can save money on auto insurance. 09/07/2015 (Fri)
PDF icon press07-02.pdf3.15 MB
Press Release 2007-03 Subject Arrested for Impersonating a Chiropractor 01/06/2015 (Mon)
PDF icon press07-03.pdf73.1 KB
Press Release 2007-04 New Insurance Resource for Small Businesses Available 09/07/2015 (Fri)
PDF icon press07-04.pdf81.37 KB
Press Release 2007-05 Phony Health Insurance Plan Ordered to Cease and Desist 01/06/2015 (Mon)
PDF icon press07-05.pdf89.96 KB
Press Release 2007-06 Arizona Licenses 100th Captive Insurance Company 01/06/2015 (Mon)
PDF icon press07-06.pdf21.18 KB
Press Release 2008-01 Arizona Department of Insurance Releases Health Insurer Report Card 01/06/2015 (Mon)
PDF icon press08-01.pdf21.59 KB
Press Release 2008-02 Arizona Department of Insurance Adopts New Rule to Protect Military Families from Improper Insurance Sales Practices 01/06/2015 (Mon)
PDF icon press08-02.pdf28.98 KB
Press Release 2008-03 Arizona Department of Insurance Helps Insurance Consumers Recover Over $7 Million In 2007 01/06/2015 (Mon)
PDF icon press08-03.pdf67.23 KB
Press Release 2008-04 Annuities: Assess Before You Invest! 01/06/2015 (Mon)
PDF icon press08-04.pdf69.63 KB
Press Release 2008-05 It’s Wildfire Awareness Week! Is your insurance coverage up to date? 09/07/2015 (Fri)
PDF icon press08-05.pdf25.71 KB
Press Release 2008-06 Arizona Department of Insurance Joins Multi-State Settlement; Orders Three Health Insurers to Pay $397,527 in Fines 01/06/2015 (Mon)
PDF icon press08-06.pdf34.41 KB
Press Release 2008-07 Arizona Department of Insurance Orders CIGNA to Pay $230,000 Penalty and Correct Provider Payment and Appeals Violations 01/06/2015 (Mon)
PDF icon press08-07.pdf29.5 KB
Press Release 2009-01 Arizona Department of Insurance Releases Medicare Supplement Insurance Premium Comparison Now includes information for “Under 65” Medicare beneficiaries 01/06/2015 (Mon)
PDF icon press09-01.pdf41.21 KB