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Check this out before buying title insurance.

Is my Fire-related Loss Covered by my Insurance Policy?

A burning question: Are you covered in the event of a fire?

Insurance Tips for Disaster Victims

Insurance Tips for Disaster Victims

Message to Home Buyers

A message to home buyers from the Director of the Arizona Department of Insurance.

Answers to your Questions about Title Insurance

Why title insurance?

Arizona Flood Fact Sheet

Do you need flood insurance? This fact sheet provides information to help you answer that question.

Flood Insurance Information

What you need to know about flood insurance.

Home Replacement Cost Estimators

This list of “calculators” can aid homeowners’ discussion about the adequacy of their homeowners insurance coverage with their insurance representative.

Homeowners Insurance Check-up

A guide to help you decide if you need to adjust your homeowners coverage.

Insurance and Storms or Disasters

The best time to prepare for what to do after a storm or disaster is before the event happens. This publication contains points to keep in mind about your auto and homeowners insurance coverage.

Making Repairs after a Disaster

Making a report after a disaster

Consumer Guide: Understanding How Insurers Use Credit Information

Learn how insurance companies use your credit information.

Flooding after Wildfires: Department of Emergency and Military Affairs

Information about how to protect yourself from increased flooding risk after wildfire flames are extinguished. 

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Key Contacts

If you have questions about flood insurance, including information on the new flood maps and new rate structure, use this document to contact FEMA.  The Department encourages everyone on or near a flood plain to review their insurance policies, contact FEMA with flood-related questions, and be prepared.

Home Sharing

Learn how renting part or all of your home to a guest for a fee may affect your homeowners insurance coverage.

Consumer Guide: Home Warranty Service Contracts

Learn about home warranty service contracts

Homeowners' Insurance Company Telephone Numbers

Contact information for companies that sell homeowners insurance in Arizona.