Arizona Department of Insurance
100 North 15th Avenue, Suite 261

Phoenix, AZ  85007-2630

Starting July 1, 2020, we became the
Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions (DIFI).

A navigator is defined by ARS § 20-336(5) as a person (individual or organization) licensed by the Arizona Department of Insurance who is authorized by the United States Department of Health and Human Services to perform activities and duties described by 42 USC 18031 and 45 CFR 155.215, which include
  • Educating the public about the Health Insurance Marketplace;
  • Presenting fair, accurate and impartial information about health plan options, including acknowledgement of options available outside of the Marketplace;
  • Helping individuals select qualified health plans ("QHP");
  • Referring individuals who encountered problems with the health plan in which they are enrolled to the Department of Insurance;
  • Providing culturally and linguistically appropriate information based on the population being served; and,
  • Accommodating persons with disabilities.