The INSURERS section of our web site provides information to insurance companies and insurance intermediaries that want to be authorized/registered to operate in Arizona. 

  • Licensing/Registration describes requirements, and provides the forms that insurance companies and various types of insurance intermediaries need to complete in order to obtain a Certificate of Authority, or to otherwise be registered/licensed to operate in Arizona.  Licensing/Registration also provides requirements pertaining to acquisitions and holding company registrations.
  • The Trust Deposits option provides forms and instructions for establishing trust accounts and making required trust deposits through the Department of Insurance.
  • The Financial Reporting menu options provide the forms that insurers need to complete to satisfy periodic financial reporting requirements.
  • The Rates, Forms & Compliance menu options provide information about form, rate, advertising and contract filing requirements; and, required surveys and reports that insurers are required to complete.
  • Laws and Rules provides links to sites where you can access laws and rules you need to understand so you can remain in compliance.
  • Insurance Fraud provides information about the Arizona Department of Insurance Fraud Unit, and various ways to report suspected insurance fraud.
  • Taxes provides forms and instructions for reporting and paying insurance premium tax.
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2015-2016 Insurer Annual Assessments

The Department of Insurance is mailing insurer annual assessments Thursday, July 23.  You may remit payment with your assessment notice within the attached document (which contains assessment notices for all insurers) or you may remit payment with the assessment notice you receive in the mail.  Assessments are due August 19, 2015. 

Pay easily and electronically, using your OPTins ASSESSMENT account ( or send your assessment document with your payment made to INSURANCE DEPARTMENT ASSESSMENT. 

ADOI Fee Schedule